Hi! Rabbit von Mars is arrived!

Green fellows on Mars? That’s merely unproved and unsubstantiated fantasy of scientists. But rabbits do exist on Mars! And this rabbit is a living proof. Rabbit von Mars – the white rabbit of Mars – enjoys company and loves hopping with his best friend. It is believed that there might be rabbits of other colors; however this fact hasn’t been proved yet. Now, as the New Year 2011, the Year of Rabbit, is approaching, Rabbits von Mars have also been spotted on Earth.
Happy New Rabbit Year!

Height: 12cm (without ears)

Structure: white clay, colour glaze

Rabbit von Mars is waiting at Etsy.

RABBIT VON MARS – ceramic figure with ears

Happy New Rabbit Year!

Hi. I’m Joe. Joe Candleman.

Joe bravely carries candles on his head. Stands firmly, does not waver, and works nonstop. Just look at this self-confident posture!

Structure: white clay, mat black glaze.

Joe Candleman is standing at Etsy.

JOE CANDLEMAN – ceramic sculpture – candleholder

Hello, we are Fallen Lovers

Fallen lovers are fallen angels who sacrificed paradise for love. With their mute intertwined arms they are inseparable. They are telling us, “We have sacrificed everything for love and have been given even more.”

Height: ~ 12cm/4,7″

Structure: white clay, colour glaze, natural feathers

Fallen Lovers are fallin’ at Etsy.

Fallen Lovers – ceramic figure – couple

Hello, I’m your Whitaker!

Seated former angel Whitetaker gladly shares everything he has in his white bowl. Two small wings on his back give away his former nature. Whitetaker stopped flying long ago.

Height: 12cm/4,7″

Structure: white clay, glossy white glaze, red natural feathers

Whitaker is sitting at Etsy.

Whitaker – ceramic figure with bowl

Hey! It’s Manny!

Manny is a very open-hearted, small man with spread arms inviting everybody to take some exercise. His biggest dream is to become a chessman and to take part in at least one chess game. He would even agree to be a pawn! Feels best when surrounded by similar black/white figures.

Height: 11cm/4,3″

Structure: white clay, colour glaze

Manny is living at Etsy.

Manny – ceramic figure

Hi. I’m an angel. Angel zero-zero-seven.

Angel 007 has been sent from above with the mission to protect the peace of your home. When you have such expressive wings, arms are absolutely unnecessary. The Angel 007 never sleeps and loves flying at night.

Height: ~ 12cm / 4,7″

Structure: white clay, colour glaze, natural feathers

Angel 007 is watching you at Etsy.

Angel 007 – ceramic figure with wings.

Good afternoon. My name is Godot.

This boy Godot hasn’t walked for ages, so there’s no use in waiting for him any longer! Enjoys lying in the middle of a table with his belly full of apples, oranges or sweets. Actually, he can also stand next to the wall, but only if that’s really necessary. A real lazybones!

Dimensions. Height: ~ 9cm, diameter: ~ 19 cm

Structure: white clay, mat black glaze

Godot is lazy at Etsy.

Godot – ceramic bowl, figure.

Sing it to me, Cesaria Aurora!

This charming woman Cesaria Aurora is never sad, and always ready to hug you. Lovely hairstyle and impeccable make-up! What gracious and firm posture! She just loves spending her time on windowsills singing.

Height: ~ 21cm / 8,3″

Structure: white clay, white glossy glaze

Cesaria Aurora is singing at Etsy.

Cesaria Aurora – ceramic figure, sculpture.

Ciao! Io sono Angelo Septembre.

One autumn day Angelo Septembre sat down to have a rest and for some reason felt very surprised. And so he sits wondering until today, gently moving the feathers of his little wings from time to time.

Height: ~ 12cm / 4,7″

Structure: white clay, colour glaze, natural feathers

Angelo Septembre is living at Etsy.

Angelo Septembre – ceramic figure with wings.

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